Ballistics Apps

iOS (iPhone and iPad) Ballistics Apps

With the explosion of smart phones has come a great number of ballistics calculation apps made to run on them. There are several good ones available, and we've collected a list of interesting or popular apps here. Don't take this as an endorsement of any of the following apps (or, conversely, that we don't like any that are missing). These are the ones we see most often used by shooters and that we think are the most interesting for the Apple iOS operating system.

Applied ballistics ios@2x

Applied Ballistics

Point Mass ballistics solver incorporating BC's measured by Bryan Litz's Applied Ballistics. Includes custom drag curves as measured by Applied Ballistics' live fire testing.

Ballistic ae ios@2x

Ballistic: Advanced Edition

A Point Mass ballistics solver based on the code from the well known JBM Ballistics.

Shooter ios@2x


A Point Mass ballistics solver with an impressive array of features.

Isnipe ios@2x


A fully featured Point Mass ballistics solver with a polished UI.

Trasol ios@2x


Created by a collaboration between Desert Tech, Sniper's Hide, and Patagonia Ballistics, TRASOL uses a proprietary calculation method and is popular in some ELR circles.

Strelok pro ios@2x

Strelok Pro

A Point Mass ballistics solver that seems popular with many shooters.

Lapua ios@2x

Lapua Ballistics

The first true 6DOF solver marketed for sporting shooters.