Bison Ballistics

I launched Bison Ballistics in January of 2011, with the goal of becoming a premier source of information for precision riflemen. The site's focus is on accurate rifles and the shooting sports that use them. Whether your game is High Power Rifle, Benchrest, Silhouette, or F Class, I think you'll find something of interest. Much of what you'll find here is technical in nature - I'm an engineer by training, so I can't really help myself. In a former life, I worked on structural dynamics, composite materials and mechanical design for the Hubble Space Telescope project. These days, I work as a contract web developer and internet marketing consultant.

At the range, you'll likely find me shooting High Power or perhaps some informal Benchrest. I've learned much about the science and art of precision shooting over the years, but there is more than one way to skin a cat, and I'm sure there are other ways to do some of the things I write about. I make every effort to pass on only accurate information, but the nature of some of the topics covered is often shrouded in mystery and obscured by incomplete information. And from time to time, I'm even just flat out wrong. So if you see something that doesn't quite look right, or that conflicts with your experience, please let me know. You can reach me at damon@bisonballistics.com.

You will find some links to various merchants on Bison Ballistics. Some of them are what are known as affiliate links - if you click on those links and then proceed to purchase an item from that merchant, Bison Ballistics receives a commission. As of today, the revenue from this site won't even buy my morning coffee. That said, I have higher hopes for Bison Ballistics, and hope the affiliate links and traditional advertising will help to pay the bills. In any case, I thought you should know that there is a financial motivation on my part, although my primary goal is (and always will be) to provide good, helpful information to shooters. If you would like to sponsor Bison Ballistics or advertise on the site, please shoot me an email.

Finally, a word about safety. Firearms are dangerous unless used properly. The information on this site is to the best of my knowledge accurate, and any speculation is labeled as such. Always verify anything you read on this site, and follow basic reloading and gun safety rules. The shooting sports are fun and rewarding, but there are those who would like to take them away from us. Please don't give them the ammunition they need by acting in a reckless or unlawful manner. Keep informed, get training, and stay safe.

Best Regards,
Damon Cali
Posted on May 17, 2011