A Rifleman's Guide to
Precision Shooting

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Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity for Ballistics Calculators

Confused about how to input pressure, temperature and humidity into a ballistics calculator? We untangle the details in this article.

Nightforce competition%402x

Nightforce Competition Rifle Scope (2014 Edition)

Competition is demanding, and having the right scope optimized for the job is a big help. If you're a long distance benchrest or F class shooter, you'll be interested in the Nightforce Competition rifle scope.

Applied ballistics book%402x

Book Review: Applied Ballistics for Long-Range Shooting, 2nd Edition

An in-depth review of what just might be the best ballistics book on the market. Find out what you need to pay attention to, and what you don't.

Bullet spin%402x

Bullet Stability

If bullet stability seems complicated, that's because it is. We take a look at gyroscopic and dynamic stability, and how they interact with each other.

Sighton sii%402x

Sightron SII 36X42mm Rifle Scope

High magnification scopes are getting very expensive. We take a look at a more affordable model from Sightron - the fixed power 36X SII.

Chamber neck%402x

An Introduction to Rifle Chambers

There are some dimensions that matter more than others when selecting a match rifle chamber. This article covers the basics.

Reloading equipment%402x

Beginner's Guide to Reloading Equipment

There is a lot of equipment you need to get started in reloading. There is also a lot of gear you don't. This guide will help you know the difference.

21st century priming tool%402x

21st Century Hand Priming Tool

We take a look at the Cadillac of hand priming tools - the adjustable, stainless unit from 21st Century Shooting.

Brass annealing%402x

The Science of Cartridge Brass Annealing

Annealing brass necks can increase the life of your cases. But why? We'll take a look at the materials science behind cartridge brass annealing.

Rock chucker%402x

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme

The RCBS Rock Chucker has been around for ages, and remains one of the most popular single stage reloading press. We take a look at the newest version.