A Rifleman's Guide to
Precision Shooting

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Book Review: Applied Ballistics for Long-Range Shooting, 2nd Edition

An in-depth review of what just might be the best ballistics book on the market. Find out what you need to pay attention to, and what you don't.


Bullet Stability

If bullet stability seems complicated, that's because it is. We take a look at gyroscopic and dynamic stability, and how they interact with each other.


Sightron SII 36X42mm Rifle Scope

High magnification scopes are getting very expensive. We take a look at a more affordable model from Sightron - the fixed power 36X SII.


An Introduction to Rifle Chambers

There are some dimensions that matter more than others when selecting a match rifle chamber. This article covers the basics.


Beginner's Guide to Reloading Equipment

There is a lot of equipment you need to get started in reloading. There is also a lot of gear you don't. This guide will help you know the difference.


21st Century Hand Priming Tool

We take a look at the Cadillac of hand priming tools - the adjustable, stainless unit from 21st Century Shooting.


The Science of Cartridge Brass Annealing

Annealing brass necks can increase the life of your cases. But why? We'll take a look at the materials science behind cartridge brass annealing.


RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme

The RCBS Rock Chucker has been around for ages, and remains one of the most popular single stage reloading press. We take a look at the newest version.


Centra/MEC Hand Stop

The lowly hand stop gets some attention. Here we take a look at how good a hand stop can get and what you get for your money.


Rifle Barrels: How to Choose One

Choosing a custom rifle barrel for a competition rifle is complicated. Or is it? There are so many options - material, contour, rifling, twist. Get started here with a little knowledge.

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