A Rifleman's Guide to
Precision Shooting

Neck tension%402x

Case Neck Tension - A Stress Analysis

We take an analytical look at the impact of annealing on case neck tension.

Load development target%402x

Statistics and Load Development

A walk through of the statistical analysis required to show how good a rifle's load really is.

Load development chart%402x

Sort-of Scientific Load Development for F Class

There are a lot of ways to find a load that shoots well in your rifle. This is how I do it.


The Hornady 4DOF Ballistics Calculator (Modified Point Mass)

Hornady recently introduced a new ballistics calculator, called the 4DOF Ballistics Calculator. We investigate what it is and isn't.


Does Rifling Affect Ballistics?

Barrels come with different rifling types, and they all leave marks on the bullet. But do they impact the way it flies? We look at some US Army ballistics research to try to find an answer.

Chargemaster 1500%402x

ChargeMaster 1500 Powder Scale and Dispenser Combo

The RCBS ChargeMaster is one of the more popular automatic powder measurement devices on the market. We take a look at how well it works and what you can expect from it.

Wind flag%402x

Why Headwinds are More Difficult than Crosswinds

It's often said that a headwind is more difficult to shoot in than a crosswind. This article explores the differences.

Ballistics math

The Details of a Ballistics Calculator Solver

The differences between various methods of calculating ballistic trajectories are investigated in this article. What's the difference between Point Mass and Pejsa? Find out.

Optimal group chart%402x

Optimal Group Size for Rifles

Evaluating handloads is all about statistics. Learn about the optimal group size and how many groups you need to shoot if you want to get a handle on just how accurate your rifle is.


Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity for Ballistics Calculators

Confused about how to input pressure, temperature and humidity into a ballistics calculator? We untangle the details in this article.

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