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Introducing the Model 21 Match Grade Bullet

Named after its 21 caliber ogive, the Model 21 (M21) was created to balance low drag, high precision, and consistent stability in a match-grade hollow point boattail design. M21 will soon be available in .308 caliber with weight of 180 grains. The M21 is an excellent, mild-shooting choice for 600 yard F Class.

Technical Specifications

180 gr. Model 21
Model Number M21-30-180
Caliber 0.308"
Weight 180 gr.
BC (G1) .596
BC (G7) .298
Recommended Twist 10 inches/turn
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The Bison Ballistics Process


Design & Engineering

Our bullets are engineered to meet design goals. We start with the desired application, and execute rigorous theoretical and empirical design practices using proprietary design software. Once we have an acceptable design that is optimized for its application, dies are built to our specs.


Test & Verification

Theory is great, but when it clashes with reality, reality always wins. Our bullets are field tested in competition grade rifles on normal shooting ranges - just like they'll be used. Any flaws uncovered are addressed, and bullet weights are optimized. As a part of every product launch, we recruit every day competitors to test the new model and report back any findings.


Quality & Support

Every lot of bullets goes through a quality control process to verify that bullets are manufactured to spec. Once the bullets are in your hands, we're here to address any questions or issues you might have. Our relationship doesn't end at the sale.

"...it is the hits that count."

-The Rifleman's Creed

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Bison Ballistics bullets better?

The best bullets have a balance of inherent accuracy, ballistic performance, flexibility in seating depth, and of course, recoil (determined by weight). What we have done is to examine each of these characteristics and quantitatively design a bullet that balances them all for an optimum combination for high accuracy mid-to-long range shooting. Our bullets are not ELR bullets. They are not short range benchrest bullets. They are carefully designed and optimized for one purpose only - 600 to 1000 yard precision shooting out of match rifles. Our bullets hand swaged just like many custom benchrest bullets are. That means that there is immediate feedback if something isn't right - if an odd bullet feels wrong, we toss it aside.

Are your bullets trimmed or pointed?

No. Trimming and or pointing our bullets' meplats may increase their BC slightly if done with care and the proper knowledge. It is also risky, and can result in damage to the core-jacket interface or undesirable deformation if done improperly. We have found that most competitors interested in pointing prefer to do it themselves. We recommend caution - don't go pointing a whole box of bullets until you're sure that your process is actually generating the results you want. It's not worth ruining a box of expensive carefully crafted bullets, or worse yet, ruining your score at a match. I don't point my personal bullets - I use them straight out of the box.

Do you make hunting bullets?

No. The bullets we make are designed for target shooting, and exactly zero effort has been spent on terminal ballistics design. We cannot in good faith recommend our bullets for hunting applications.

What about tactical bullets?

Nope. Our singular focus is on match grade long range rifle bullets.

What happened to the blog?

It's still there. Bison Ballistics started years ago as a blog where I wrote articles on various aspects of precision shooting. I'll keep it up as time permits. All the old articles, downloads, and calculators are still available via the top menu bar on this site.

Who is behind Bison Ballistics?

Bison Ballistics is a one-man shop started by Damon Cali. Damon is a life-long shooter and High Power Rifle and F Class competitor with over 25 years of reloading experience. Previously, He spent 6 years at NASA as an aerospace engineer working on projects ranging fr om composite material testing to structural dynamics. He has 10 years of software development experience, and has spent that time developing ballistics design software - at first out of a quest for knowledge, but now applied to the bullets designed by Bison Ballistics.

Does Bison Ballistics ship internationally?

Bullets are an ITAR regulated product, and therefore must be sold internationally through an exporter. Unfortunately, we're currently not set up for that. We can ship to U.S. buyers only.

What is your return policy?

It's' simple. We want you to be happy with our product and service. If you don't like the bullets, send them back for a refund. See our Shipping & Returns policy for more detail.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Debit cards are also accepted.

Do you accept checks?

Yes, if you choose to mail us a personal check, your order will ship as soon as the funds clear.

How long will it take to get my bullets?

Sales are made on a pre-order basis. Once you order, your card will be charged and your bullets will be mailed out when they are ready. If your bullets are in stock, they will ship within 2 business days via USPS priority mail. If not, shoot us an email and we'll give you an estimate on how long your order will take to fill. If you decide to cancel an order, you may do do at any time prior to shipment for a full refund.

Where are your bullets made?

All Bison Ballistics bullets are manufactured in Nebraska with materials sourced from American companies.

Can I order bullets from a single lot?

Every effort is made to make sure each order gets bullets from a single lot. You do not need to provide any specific instructions - we do this by default. However, due to the nature of hand made bullets, it is not always possible to gurantee a single lot, especially for larger orders.

I have another question. How do I contact you?

Your best bet is to send me an email at info@bisonballistics.com. You can also call at (512) 609-0096, but chances are good that you'll get voice mail. Just leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Unfortunately, demands of the shop prevent me from talking on the phone as much as I would like to.